Atlantic City Pet Hotel & Grooming

Atlantic City's Only 7 Day Pet Hotel, Grooming and Daycare for
Dogs & Cats

Call Us at (609) 348-8660 | Atlantic City, New Jersey • 7 Day Pet Hotel

Atlantic City Pet Hotel and Grooming
Atlantic City's Only 7 Day Pet Hotel, Grooming and Daycare for Dogs & Cats
Call Us at (609) 348-8660 | Atlantic City, New Jersey • 7 Day Pet Hotel

Pet Hotel and Grooming

Hours of Operation:
Monday – Sunday
9am – 6pm

Available 7 Days a Week

Standard Check-In
From 9am – 6pm

Standard Check-Out
From 9am – 11am AND then a FREE grace hour until 12 noon

Late Check-Out Available
From 12:01pm – 5pm, only $15

Send Your Cherished Pet to Our Pet Daycare in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Letter From Baby

Hi, my name is Baby, I am a 9-year-old Maltese, and if I could talk, I would begin by telling you my story:

My Mommy and Daddy love to come to Atlantic City. They say that it is their favorite vacation place to visit. One weekend last November, they were going there to vacation, and they made a reservation for me to stay with other pets in a pet hotel. However, when they dropped me off I was so sad because it was closed. They didn’t know what to do! So...what did they do? They checked out all of the pet hotels for miles, and miles! When they could not find the perfect home away from home for me, they decided to create their own. I told them I wanted it to have features fit for a prince and a princess! Mommy and Daddy decided to open for me my very own pet hotel in Atlantic City, and it has everything that I would want for my friends and me!

The Atlantic City 24-Hour Pet Hotel and Grooming offers all my friends the perfect place to stay, play, and enjoy ourselves. They play with us regularly during the day, and walk us regularly both indoors and outdoors with the last walk around 10:00 p.m. They serve us bottled water just like in the fancy restaurants in the hotels, and they give all my friends love and care so, they are so happy to be there. All of the rooms in our pet daycare are very large and they make it easy for all to enjoy. Instead of being available and open only a few hours each day for drop off and pickup like most places, they offer a very unique 24-hour service. It is so convenient to all of the Hotels and Casinos and just blocks from the Bernie Robbins Stadium and the Black Horse Pike. If you can’t come to them, they will arrange their VIP services to pick you up and also take you home. Don't worry about going home dirty because if your Mommy and Daddy want you to have a bath, or a professional grooming all of that is readily available just for the asking! And coming soon Mommy and Daddy are telling me that we are going to have color TVs, VCRs, and DVDs! I'm so excited because they are working so hard on a special project so that when you go on the Internet, you will be able to see us playing and eating in our private homes. Some of my friend’s parents are high rollers and want pet suites so Mommy and Daddy will be building suites to accommodate them too. For my friends whose parents just come to Atlantic City, New Jersey, for the day, you can come and play for the day. If you like playing all by yourself, we also have large play areas. We also have doggie daycare for those who would like to play with other pets too!

So my only question is "When are you coming to visit me at my new home in The Atlantic City 24-Hour Pet Hotel? Don't delay, call today and ask for me! You can also arrange a visit and see for yourself as we are located at:

The Atlantic City Pet Hotel & Grooming
547 N Trenton Avenue in Chelsea Heights/Atlantic City, New Jersey
(609) 348-8660

Very Truly Yours,